Phoenix Stainless Steel

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Vivid Slimline Stainless Steel Sink Mixer


Phoenix Tapware now offers some of their most popular designs in marine grade 316 Stainless Steel, allowing for exciting new outdoor use possibilities!

With the Vivid Slimline range mixers and showers, it is now possible to enjoy the same stylish tapware outside the house that is installed inside. Consistency and striking style ensure that your outlets don't just dispense water, they help shape your experience. Your home does not stop with the outer walls, and so neither should your ability to enjoy the quality that Phoenix Tapware's Vivid Slimline range offers.

Soon to come, the Radii will also become available in the same stainless steel finish, to round out your outdoor shower or swimming pool experience, just in time for summer.

Stainless still is a high grade steel alloy specifically designed and crafted to resist rust and corrosion, allow its safe use in even harsh outdoor environments. Whether you face storms, the salty seaside air and dust storms, you can trust in stainless steel to endure.