Phoenix Ortho Mixers

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Red Dot Design Award

Ortho: The international award winning revolution in tapware design is now available! 

The Phoenix Tapware Ortho range has arrived at last and is ready to turn heads in your bathroom! Featuring a minimalist and modern design in sleek chrome or nickel finish, the Ortho range of mixers and outlets will add a touch of cool to any bathroom.

By winning the German reddot design award in 2017, the Ortho range proves its quality is just as splendid as its design and being fitted with the highest quality European progressive cartridges, these mixers offer a lifetime of reliable service, and that is guaranteed by the warranty for true ease of mind!

Each Ortho mixer comes with a black and a white ring, allowing you to choose the look of your bathroom. Will you choose a bright white to draw the eye amidst darker tones, or will a black ring set a strong accent in a bathroom defined by lighter tones?

The Ortho Basin outlets are very water efficient, featuring a high 5 Star WELS rating. Each set also comes with a free flow aerator, however, to allow the outlet to be converted to a bath outlet during installation. This surrenders some water efficiency for increased convenience and speed in filling the tub.

Ortho Wall Basin Set with White Ring