Brodware Industrica

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Brodware Industrica Tapware selection



The Industrica range by Brodware features strong and striking designs that boldly state their purpose. The sturdy style and heavy duty cogwheel cross handles signal strength and durability, a promise backed by Brodware's signature quality in all things tapware.

Enduring Strength

The Industrica range doesn't just look sturdy: With Brodware's market lead in PVD (Particle Vapour Deposition) technology, you can count on the finish lasting through almost anything that would scratch or mar other finish technologies. Simply check the list of available finishes for those marked with PVD. 

Colour Me Impressed

Brodware of course offers its usual range of PVD, organic and legacy finishes for this range as well. While any non-standard finish will incur long lead times and incur a higher price, the warm tones of the various brass finishes for example can greatly enhance the strong appearance of an Industrica tap. Our friendly staff is always happy to help you pick the right colour for your bathroom!

Full Steam Ahead

While Industrica is a more modern range in design, the heavy duty cogwheels can lend themselves to a Steampunk theme, for those looking for such. Brass and Copper finishes are recommended for this purpose.