Brodware City Que

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City Que by Brodware
Que is one of Brodware's City ranges. Que is the French word for 'That', and this beautiful tapware range is as clear and to the point as this simple and bold word.
What do I want in my bathroom? Simply That.
Round and Straight
Simple yet diverse shapes combine into striking and elegant designs featuring both circular elements keeping the taps visually in place as well as long straight edges making bold statements.
Compact Style
City Que designs are available with both exceptionally compact cross handle taps or simple and elegant levers. Both designs feature broad gripping surfaces for comfortable handling and sturdy resilience. 
One requirement of the slim cross handle designs is that in order to achieve such a narrow spindle, significant space is required inside the wall to hold the internal components of the taps. At least 20mm are usually needed, with the product descriptions and the installation instructions including more specific details. The lever handle tap designs are larger and do not require this extra space.
Where Que is Needed
Due to the high quality and tough designs, the City Que range is suitable for commercial use as well as in the home, making this a truly versatile and expressive range.