Black Tapware

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Black TapwareA selection of Black Tapware from the Phoenix Rush and Vivid Slimline and the Jamie J Cosmopolitan Collections

Black tapware is the new chrome of modern bathroom design, and it's not going away anytime soon.

Offering a sleek and stylish focal point, black tapware adds a touch of class to any bathroom or kitchen. But not all black is black: There are many different options to help your home stand out and impress! From the subtle but strong presence of simple matte black bath spouts to exciting combinations of black and gold or chrome or even the elegance of sapphire black wall mixers!

Black tapware had a rocky start when it first came to market in 2013 and disappeared briefly due to poor manufacturing. However, with new suppliers and superior quality it made a very successful comeback when it featured on the popular TV show The Block in 2015. 

Why Choose Black Tapware?

Stand out! The smooth black contours of a black sink tap on a white sink will draw every eye to it.

Make a Statement! With many modern designs to choose from as well as a range of bold colour combinations, black proudly breaks with stale traditions and opens up new exciting options for your personal style.

Class and elegance! Black has always been a colour of style and sophistication, and black tapware is no different. The subdued finish of the Phoenix Tapware Vivid Slimline range in Matte Black add a smooth touch of elegance, while the contrasting colours of the Jamie J Martini range showcase your class.

What do I need to know about Black Tapware?

Black tapware achieves its finish in one of three forms: Powder coated, electroplated or PVD. Electroplating offers greater resistance to stress and wear than powder coating, and is thus preferred for industrial machinery.  PVD offers the most advanced technology, however, it is often associated with a higher cost.

For as long as it remains unscratched, the more easily achieved powder coating will provide perfect corrosion resistance. Electroplating, meanwhile, achieves its corrosion protection through ablative protection, meaning the tap will remain in perfect condition while any of the finish remains.

Cleaning Black Tapware

For you, this means two things: Black tapware will require extra care to preserve the finish, and that extra care must be applied correctly. Strong solvent based cleaners should not be used for, nor should scours or hard brushes be run over the surface.

Instead, each company provides care instructions for their products. Usually these include notes to use soft cloth to wipe the surfaces, and a suggestion of mild soaps to employ.

As these technologies continue to be developed and applied to new styles, the quality of black tapware finishes will continue to improve.

In Closing

Taking a look at Google Trends one can see that not only is black tapware holding strong, but it is still on the rise.  So enjoy your new tapware knowing that this style choice isn't going to out date any time soon.