Phoenix Nostalgia Tapware

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Classic Styles forever, the Nostalgia range by Phoenix Tapware


Nostalgia by Phoenix Tapware

The Nostalgia range by Phoenix Tapware features classic styles and smooth curves that for many evoke memories of their childhood and first homes. Designed to mimmick the styles of times past but with modern internals built with the latest technologies, the Nostalgia range will allow you to cherish those memories without needing to sacrifice quality in the least.

The Nostalgia range is unique amongst Phoenix ranges in several ways:

Unique Finishes

The Nostalgia range offers the Black finish, which is a highly visible eye catcher in any bathroom. The accented highlight adds greater definition than the muted brushed finishes otherwise typical of Phoenix's modern ranges. 

Watchful Shepherd

The Shepherds Crook style of faucet is hard to find amongst more modern styles, but almost all Nostalgia range items offer a variant in this classic form.

Handle with Care

The Nostalgia range uses high quality lever taps with ceramic cartridges for high quality and an enduring lifespan. The handles are also available in white. Control your shower experience precisely with these wonderfully accurate levers!

A bit too much?

The Festival range offers a more restrained take on the design choices of the Nostalgia range. If you enjoy the style but would like a touch modernity as well, consider browsing this range as well.