Lillian and Eleanor by Fienza

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Lillian and Eleanor - Classic styles by Fienza
In troubled times, it is often comforting to reach back to the old and familiar. But that doesn't mean giving up on modern advances!
Eleanor - Mixing the best of both ages
The Eleanor range of mixers features up to date ceramic mixer technology in a classical style. Evoke a sense of tradition in your bathroom, without giving up on the modern convenience of single-hand mixer operation!
Everything good in threes - Lillian Tap Sets
The Lillian range of tapware and showers goes one step further by choosing 3-piece tap set solutions, at great value for tried and true designs and technology. Available as separate wall top assemblies, the cost effective Lillian taps can be combined with any spout of shower, but achieve their greatest effect when set beside an outlet from the same range.
Never ending finishes
While both the Eleanor and Lillian ranges are available in classic Chrome, modern plating technologies allow for an opportunity to present a twist on the classics:
Matte black and Brushed Nickel finishes allow these taps and mixers to accentuate a variety of bathrooms, and the Kitchen mixers are available in a Champagne brass as well, for that finely aged appeal.