Zimi by Phoenix Tapware

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Freedom of Change
The Zimi range by Phoenix Tapware offers a simple answer to a difficult question: A good mixer tap should last a long time, and with warranties of 7 years or more offered by most brands you can count it them doing so. But they also say that one's tastes change roughly every 7 years.

So how can you pick a mixer that you can be certain you'll still enjoy 10 years down the line? Zimi's answer is easy: You offer the freedom of change!

Mix and Match
Every mixer in the Zimi range is available in three base colours, classic Chrome, elegant Matte Black and stylich Brushed Nickel. But each mixer also has nine different mixer handle colours to choose from, allowing everyone to create their own unique bathroom or kitchen style.
The handles attach and detach using a single small screw underneath the handle, allowing for quick swap-overs when the mood strikes! Additional handles are available separately, or you can buy just the mixer base for your plumber to install and decide on a handle colour later!

Nine Wondrous Looks
Besides the classic chrome, and the proven alternatives of black, white and brushed nickel, Zimi also offers five new takes on bathroom style: Blush Pink, Sage Green, Powder Blue, Cool Grey and Oatmeal.
Nine finishes combined with three base options yield twenty-seven unique combinations sure to excite everyone!

Solid Foundations
But colour and style isn't everything (even if it's the most fun). The Zimi range mixer bases are all high quality designs crafted by a design team with decades of experience in the field of tapware. Clean lines and solid shapes encase a carefully engineered brass marvel machine, and a high WELS rating means you can use these taps to your heart's desire and still save water.