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The Yokato range by Brodware is a tried and true range of quality tapware. Simple designs with straight lines give the impression of strength of reliability, while the knurled details tell of the ruggedness of the designs. But Yokato doesn't just look the part, it is built to last.

Brodware Quality

Like all of Brodware's ranges, only the highest quality standards are good enough. From exacting accuracy during the forging to the high quality ceramic discs used by so many Yokato taps: You will only find the best in this collection.

Brodware Personality

And like other Brodware ranges, Yokato is of course also available in the full range of custom finishes: over 30 of them! Of course, such variety and unique style comes at a cost, and the lead time for custom finishes can be very long. It's always best to check with the friendly staff at Online Bathroomware to avoid surprises!

inFinium PVD

By transfering the metallic material at an atomic level, Physical Vapour Deposition is one of the most advanced hard coating technologies available. This amazing technology ensures reliable coverage, durability and long-lasting, low-maintenance shine from your quality Yokato tapware!