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Style and Class define this Winslow bathroom

Winslow by Brodware

Live like royalty, with the finest in tapware styles and technology! The Winslow range by Brodware combines classic design elements inspired by historic French traditions with the latest in quality tapware technology. Enjoy precision crafted modern ceramic taps and mixers while retaining a timeless and elegant style to your bathroom.

Brass, Ceramics and Chrome

The Winslow range is available with precision crafted ceramic valves, which offer improved control and reliability over older jumper valve designs. Quality brass ensures a corrosion free lifetime, and the polished chrome exterior adds a clean mirror shine to the design.

The Choice is Yours

Of course, these are just options. Jumper valves are available for many cross handle Winslow designs as a budget option. Lever designs cannot comfortably turn multiple times, and are thus not suitable for use with jumper valves. In addition, the Winslow range offers a number of lever designs in metal, porcelain and crystal, and to top it all off, there are over 30 made-to-order custom finishes to choose from.

Efficient and Effective

Brodware designs are all created and tested for adherence to the WELS water efficiency rating system, and you can be sure that Winslow is no exception. All items feature an exactly engineered flow rate to match their purpose. Basin outlets feature the highest star rating with showers and kitchen sinks striking a balance between efficiency and flow rate to ensure proper function and ecological responsibility. Bath outlets are not WELS rated, as it is understood that filling a bathtub requires a rapid flow rate.

Timeless and Aged in Style

Brodware offers its usual wide choice in custom finishes for the Winslow range, featuring many colours, both in sturdy infinio PVD or in the stylish Organic ranges. PVD finishes are the toughest around, ensuring a long, unscratched lifespan for your chosen finish, and infinio PVD goes a step further, using the best technologies on the market to ensure a perfect shine.
Organic finishes are designed to quickly develop a patina of age and beauty, allowing even the most freshly renovated bathrooms to display an air of timeless class. This visual ageing is purely optical, and the item underneath will feature all of Brodware's usual quality and reliability. 

Custom Finishes make your Winslow Bathroom uniquely yours