Progressive Mixers and Disc Taps

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Progressive mixers and disc taps offer a new style of minimalism for your bathroom, as well as increased safety and efficiency. While separate hot and cold taps could always be made in any shape desired, going without a lever is a new look for mixers. How does that work?
Progressive Mixer Technology
In a progressive mixer, one motion controls both the temperature mix and the flow rate. Starting from the closed position, turning the mixer will first slowly open the cold water flow. Once it has reached full strength, turning the handle further will add more and more hot water to the mix, until the flow as switched to the hot water line being fully open, with the cold water line closed. The mixer progresses through the temperature options one at a time, hence the name.
Temperature safe
Because progressive mixers and disc taps do not have protruding handles, they cannot be nudged by accident. Only deliberately turning the handle will change the water flow, and it is not possible to opened it directly in the hot position. This safeguards against accidental scalding when operating the handle with one's eyes closed while washing the hair, or when children are playing the bathtub.
Energy Savings
Because Progressive mixers always open the cold water line only at first, you can rest assured that no water flows from the hot water line, unless needed. This helps keep the heating costs down, as no new cold water is unnecessarily moved through the hot water tank. This has of course also always been possible with separate hot/cold taps.
Water efficient
Because Progressive mixers need to fully open before the hot water line can be accessed, they are almost always equipped with highly effective water efficiency measures, to ensure no excess splashing while operating at full flow rate. This of course also means that these taps will help you save water.