Oliveri Sinks

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Chrome finish
Oliveri Sinks installed in kitchens
Oliveri sinks come in a variety of styles and options to give your kitchen exactly the right sink. Your kitchen, your life, your choice! Explore the ranges on offer and find the best fit for your dream kitchen:
A Diaz sink is not just a sink, but thanks to a variety of custom fitted accessories such as utility trays and cutting boards will become a food preparation place with just a few quick steps. Made from stainless steel and featuring a scratch resistant design, the Diaz range also values your space by offering as much space in the cupboard below with its efficient waste design.
The durable undermount Monet double sinks are designed for great capacity to tackle even the busiest kitchen. Despite this, a back mounted waste will ensure maximum space is available for storage underneath. A number of custom made accessories are also available to add flexibility.
The Petite sinks all come with a spacious working area and come with a range of accessory options to maximise flexibility. Wash large pans and trays one moment and chop vegetables the next, converting the space is a breeze.
Only the best kitchens will do for the truest master chef, and why should your family not get the best as well? Transform your kitchen into a professional quality work space with this potent range of Oliveri sinks.
Do you cook to relax? The Sonetto range keeps things smooth with softly rounded stainless steel that is easy to clean and absorbs sound and excess noise. A specially fitted bamboo cutting board is included.
Enjoy a European look and feel with a Santorini stone sink. Heat and scratch resistant, sound absorbing and with a truly lasting finish, this range offers only the best of quality. The special surface is antibacterial and actively aids in cleaning by resisting lime scale.