NX Showers

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NX Showers by Phoenix Tapware

The new NX 
NX Showers by Phoenix Tapware: The latest in a long line of luxurious designs created by the award winning team in Melbourne. These new showers are carefully crafted to offer the most invigorating shower experience possible.
This new range includes three unique designs:

The NX Cape is a modern, rectangular design that maximises the effect of each water drop to offer a fully immersive shower experience while maintaining an eco-friendly consumption rate. 

The NX Quil is the quintessence of shower design: Basic, yet elegant and refined. The carefully designed and placed nozzles in the shower rose provide a dense, spa-like immersion into the water stream while still remaining modest and ecologically efficient in its consumption rate.

The NX Vive is a truly modern design that will blend in with any elegant bathroom design while also defining its own style. A range for the those who dare to push new trends. The shower rose is masterfully engineered to provide maximum immersion during the shower while keeping the water consumption rate to a responsibly low level.

With three brand new ranges to choose from, there are a host of options for anyone looking for a new twist to their style. Each of the three ranges is available in 4 mounting types: Hand showers allow for the greatest freedom and control. Fixed arm and rose showers will leave your hands free and keeps the arms from tiring at holding the rose up. A rail shower with detachable rose offers a blend of control and relaxation. The Twin showers, finally, include the whole package in one luxurious set.

No matter your style, the NX range is worth a look.