Brodware Neu England

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Neu England by Brodware

Combining the latest in tapware technology with the classic styles and designs that have stood the test of time, the Neu England range by Brodware offers the comfort of the familiar without falling behind in the latest advances.

How to handle this much choice?

Neu England tapware is available with a variety of handle styles. Cross handles and metal levers offer simplicity that does not distract the eye, with the more exciting white or black porcelain handles adding distinct touches perfectly suited to accentuating an existing colour scheme in your bathroom or kitchen. And finally, the Kristall levers: An exciting and unique option for a touch of magic and class.

All across the Spectrum

As with most Brodware ranges, Neu England offers a large variety of custom finishes. While the basic chrome is the ever dependent standard, various shades of brass, bronze, gold and silver can drastically alter the atmosphere of your bathroom, and make your next shower a unique experience!

Custom finishes are made to order, however, so it is best to check your options and express your interest early. The friendly staff here at Online Bathroomware will be happy to help you plan your purchases.

Infinio PVD

Brodware custom finishes are applied using the exciting Infinio PVD technology, which bonds the coating directly to the surface at the atomic level. This ensures a strong and lasting finish, but for best results, one should always consult the cleaning instructions to ensure an enduring shine to your Neu England tapware.