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Kitchen Tapware

Kitchen tapware differs from bathroom tapware in several ways, despite their many similarities at first glance. Many bathroom tapware companies also offer taps and mixers for kitchen sinks. But what sets kitchen sink taps apart from basin taps for your bathroom?

Get out of the way!

While most bathroom basin mixers are fixed in their position, kitchen sink mixers are commonly intended to swivel out of the way when needed. In many kitchens, one mixer is even expected to service two separate sinks that are arranged side by side. Swivelling outlets also make washing larger items such as oven trays and cutting boards easier, particularly in smaller sinks.


Flexibly hose kitchen sink mixers, such as the Vezz, Prize, Blix and Vido designs by Phoenix Tapware, go one step beyond merely swivelling: The tip comes off the hook and turns the tap into a flexible spray hose. However, while this allows spraying from any angle and any direction, please be careful and conserve water by always spraying towards the kitchen sink itself.

Pulling out

Another kitchen sink design is that of the pull-out sink mixer. Again, swivelling is included as a base function in most designs, but unlike the flexible hose mixers, these designs feature an extending hose that can be pulled out by the tip of the spout. Phoenix Tapware and Greens Tapware offer affordable designs of this style in a variety of colours.

Kitchen Sink Mixers