Gold Tapware

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Gold tapware is the new black (which was the new chrome) and is certainly increasing in popularity.  Sales speak for themselves and since late 2017 orders for gold tapware have been noticeably on the rise.

Black tapware was the first to break through a chrome dominated market and not many would question a bathroom with special finish tapware any more. 

Special finish tapware's popularity continues to rise and we see that gold is certainly showing up in the race.

Gold Tapware Wait Times

One of the issues with gold tapware is the wait time.  There are not many manufacturers that keep gold in stock.  Depending on the supplier the wait time can be extensive - upwards of 15 weeks.

Phoenix Tapware is one of the few suppliers that have gold tapware in stock at all times and has proven very popular with out customers.  One of the advantages to the Phoenix gold tapware is that it is PVD.

Gareth Ashton are another brand that has gold as a stock item.