City Stik

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Kitchen or Bathroom: City Stik offers style and function

City Stik by Brodware

One of Brodware's bolder contemporary ranges, the City Stik line of tapware products impress with a simple, understated elegance. Dominated by straight lines and simple geometric shapes in modern minimalist configurations, City Stik tapware defines the look of a bathroom with style, not brute force.

Reaching Far Ahead

Almost all City Stik mixers are available with standard or extended length levers, ensuring that anyone can make full use of its features without needing to strain to reach. A longer handle is easier to reach for children and those with limited hand mobility, while a shorter lever will not trip up anyone or get caught on sleeves.

Straight around the Bend

City Stik features two major outlet designs: The more classic downward curve, and the sleek straight with a slanted tip. Choose your look and style your bathroom to your desires: The obvious traditional look, or the understated modern statement.


Over 30 custom, made-to-order finishes are available to the City Stik range, from mirror polished chrome to the tough infinio PVD metallics and the carefully cultivated aged look of the organic finish range. Organic finishes are designed to rapidly develop ageing patinas while retaining the product's full functionality as brand new quality tapware. Even the newest home can look timeless!
Meanwhile, the infinio PVD finishes utilise Brodware's market leading technologies in finish technology to offer the toughest and most enduring metallic shines available.

Organic finishes will achieve a look of venerable style in no time!