Axia Tapware by Phoenix

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Axia by Phoenix Tapware
Tilting the Bathroom Axiom
The new Axia range by Phoenix Tapware is not like anything you've seen before: The latest in European Progressive cartridge technology combined with the slimmest whisper of a spout offer the truest meaning of the term minimalist style.
While the previous Teel range has also featured slim outlets, the Axia collection goes one step further by completely eschewing handles for their mixers as well. With nothing to catch on, these mixers offer style without intruding into your bathroom space.
Progress through technology
How is this achieved? The wall mixers use the latest in European progressive cartridges, where turning the handle controls both the temperature and the flow of the water with one hand motion: First the flow increaes with cold water, then when it is at full, the temperature will increase as the handle continues to turn, until finally, once it has reached full temperate and full flow, the flow will reduce again while retaining full hot water temperature.
The basin and vessel mixers do not use progressive mixers, howerver, but instead feature a bold knob that is wide enough to operate a two-directional mixer without requiring a handle to stick out, leaving the design simple and clean in style.
Tapping the Classics
Axia is also available as separate wall top assemblies for hot and cold, however, for those who prefer a two-handed approach to controlling their shower experience. These are available in standard and extended spindles, to suit a variety of wall tiling styles.